Why Us

We have selected NUOVA SIMONELLI – Appia II Coffee Machines for training which is widely being used in India. This will help our students to gain a hands on experience on the machine in real world. Maximum 12 students per class (batch) Our Trainers are individually trained by A.H.A Certified Master Barista.


The information is passed on through a minimum of 15 hours theory time as well as practice in the Training Cafe, before practical and written assessments take place.

The training course lasts for an average of 15 hours based on the program selected over a period of 5 days.


The students will receive 1 certificate:

1 Qualification certificate from American Hospitality Academy – U.S.A. after passing the assessments.

Qualification certificate comes from U.S.A. only – it is not issued in India. After passing the assessments, qualified students will get their certificate within 2 weeks in Kolkata at the Academy.


certificate 1

Practical exams

Trained by certified master